Chronicle of the IFAT


In March 2013, the junior professorship for the theory of complex networks, filled by Steffen Waldherr, was added.


Michael Mangold was appointed Associate Professor of System Dynamics at IFAT in March 2011.


The IFAT consists of the chairs of Automation Engineering and Modelling (Prof. A. Kienle), Integrated Automation (Prof. Chr. Diedrich) and Systems Theory and Automatic Control (Prof. R. Findeisen), as well as the honorary professorship of Prof. U. Jumar with the subject area of Process Automation.


The IFAT consists of the chairs of Control Engineering (Prof. U. Korn), Systems Theory of Technical Processes (Prof. J. Raisch) and Automation Engineering and Modelling (Prof. A. Kienle) as well as the departments of Integrated Automation (Prof. C. Diedrich) and Control Engineering (Dr. J. Ihlow).


The IFAT is part of today's Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.


The science area is transferred to the newly founded Institute for Automation Engineering.


The 1000th graduate engineer finishes his studies.


Prof. S. Rudert, Prof. U. Korn and Prof. P. Neumann head the science department.


The Institute for Measurement, Control and Regulation Technology is dissolved and the scientific department of Control Engineering and Process Control is founded under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Töpfer. The subject area of technical cybernetics and automation engineering with the specialisation areas of control engineering and process controls is developed.


The first ten distance learning students finish their studies.


Seven graduate engineers finish their studies at the Institute for Measurement, Control and Regulation Technology, which has been founded in the meantime.


Students in the 1958 matriculation change from the subject areas of process engineering, chemical apparatus engineering and thermodynamics to the subject area of control engineering and begin their specialist studies.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Wilhelmi and other university professors design the curricula for the control engineering specialisation together with industry representatives.

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