Offers for students

Dear students,

Only a 10-minute walk from the central campus of Otto von Guericke University, you will find the ifak - Institute for Automation and Communication in Magdeburg's Port of Science. I cordially invite you to make contact and get to know this institute of applied research and development. Here you can find interesting and challenging tasks with a high level of practical relevance, ranging from compulsory internships and student jobs to bachelor's and master's theses. Take a look at the PDF to get some preliminary information. Afterwards, the named contact persons will be happy to help you.

The ifak staff have put together a selection of topics from the main research areas for you to choose from. The corresponding task will then be agreed on these topics in a personal discussion - whether it should be an industrial internship with the construction of a hardware or an academic thesis. Most topics are scalable and there are important industrial and research projects behind all tasks. You might also just ask a fellow student from an older semester who has already worked at ifak.

The ifak team and I would be very happy if you take the initiative and get in touch at ifak.

Ulrich Jumar


Download - PDF

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